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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

The Classroom

The Classroom section of the GRHC Online Archive provides basic information and other resources to help teachers and students use the website as a window to the past and a tool for discovery and understanding. In the future we would like to include lesson plans and classroom activities that Grand Rapids teachers have developed around the photos, documents, and photo essays on the website.

What is the GRHC Online Archive?

The Grand Rapids Historical Commission Online Archive is a collection of Grand Rapids-related images of people, places and other subjects from the early nineteenth through the twentieth century. Each primary source image is accompanied by a record that provides basic information such as the date, place, "creator" (photographer, engraver or other source) and subject(s). This information allows you to search for images in many different ways using the GRHC database. Just as you might use your library online catalog to search for a book, video or other item, you can use the GRHC online catalog to locate an image, view that image and the information related to it.

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