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Hall School Memorial

Hall School Memorial


The large boulder was placed at the corner of Grandville Ave. and Hall St. as a memorial to Elizabeth L. Morrisey, principal of Hall Street School, after her death in 1918, by the Patrons' Club, alumni, and students of Hall School. There was a drinking fountain attached which was "iced during the summer months the same as many other public drinking fountains." This view of the school looks west and the tall, narrow building in the distance was the J. Morgan Smith Memorial Church, built in 1887, rebuilt in 1912, and still stands in 2008.


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TitleHall School Memorial

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Information about memorial and the drinking fountain is from the Jan. 30, 1919 Board of Education minutes, page 447, available at the Grand Rapids Public Library, History and Special Collections Dept.
When construction began on Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School, the second school to replace the original Hall School, a concrete vault containing rusted water pipes was found buried beneath the SW corner of Hall St. and Grandville Ave. Originally they supplied a watering trough for horses. Since the vault was at the same location as the Morrisey memorial stone, it is probable that the same water system fed the drinking fountain attached to the stone.

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