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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Jesiek Boat Co., the Wm. Cary

Jesiek Boat Co., the Wm. Cary


Several people are inside the boat, the Wm. Cary, a few stand outside, and one gentleman sits at the front holding his hat in his hands. The Wright Line appears at the top of the cabin. Another boat, the Trefano, is behind the Wm. Cary. "This boat was built by Gus Jesiek in G.R. [Grand Rapids] for Will Right at Saugatuck (for) the Right Line, 1910," has been added by Otto Jesiek, brother of Gus.


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TitleJesiek Boat Co., the Wm. Cary

Title by cataloger. The reverse of the postcard has the following note to Gus Jesiek: "Gus--This is part of a load of 125 people. This bunch has had the 'Wm. Cary' one day each year & are going to get her next year again. Geo"

The vessell registration papers of the 'Wm. Cary' list 1914 as the date is was built.

Location In PhotoSaugatuck
CollectionLois Jesiek Kayes, Scrapbook #1, Joint Archives of Holland

Reproduction and copyright information regarding this image is available from the Joint Archives of Holland, 9 E. Tenth, Holland, MI.

InstitutionJoint Archives of Holland
Physical Storage LocationHolland, MI

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