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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Streetcar Interior #1

Streetcar Interior #1

Murch Morris

The interior of an older streetcar shows bench-style wooden seats on metal supports, windows that opened on both sides of the car, buzzers on posts between the windows so a rider could notify the conductor he wished to get off, and electric lights along the edge of the ceiling. Advertisements line the area just below the ceiling. On an overhead arch near the rear of the car is its number, 713; to the right is the name of the manufacturer, the J.G. Brill Co. of Philadelphia. The brake and drive works are at the far end of the car where the motorman was located.


Full Details

TitleStreetcar Interior #1
CreatorMurch Morris

Title by cataloger

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids
CollectionMorris Photo Coll. (43) #489, Grand Rapids History & Special Collections, Archives

Reproduction and copyright information regarding this image is available from Grand Rapids History & Special Collections, Archives, Grand Rapids Public Library, Grand Rapids, MI

InstitutionGrand Rapids Public Library
Physical Storage LocationGrand Rapids, MI

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