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Michigan Women's Suffrage, 1912

Michigan Women's Suffrage, 1912

Royal Photo Co. - 1912

Five women, identified as Mrs. Lois Jones, Mrs. Fred Rowe, Mrs. C.B. Hamilton, Mrs. W. F. Blake, and Mrs. Huntley Russell, work in the office for Women's Suffrage, and the postman at the left brings mail. Four of the women wear white blouses, and Mrs. Jones, wearing a dress, is seated in a swivel office chair, at the left and Mrs. Blake on the right both work at roll-top desks while Mrs. Hamilton in the center is seated at a desk with a large flat surface. A small table on the right holds a typewriter, to its left is a wall calendar with an illustration of a woman, and a portrait of an unidentified man hangs on the wall above the roll-top desk. A pennant with "Votes for Women" hangs from the light fixture, and another sign with the same message is in the windows. A pile of papers sits on the floor below the calendar.


Full Details

TitleMichigan Women's Suffrage, 1912
CreatorRoyal Photo Co.

Title by cataloger. Mrs. Russell was Vice-President of the state executive committee; Mrs. Rowe was the recording secretary; Mrs. Jones was chair of the literature committee; Mrs. Hamilton, chair of advertising, and Mrs. Blake, campaign secretary. The local campaign headquarters were located at 405-6 Fourth National Bank Bldg. The item is from the Alde Louise Tuck Blake scrapbook, but the original photograph is in the Grand Rapids Public Library collection, Royal Photo Co. #10186, archive negative #1545

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids
CollectionKutsche family

Reproduction and copyright information regarding this image is available from Grand Rapids History & Special Collections, Archives, Grand Rapids Public Library, Grand Rapids, MI

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