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Gerald R. Ford Hearse in Eastown

Gerald R. Ford Hearse in Eastown

Zoe Ashmead - 2007

The hearse of President Gerald R. Ford heads east on brick-paved Wealthy St. SE in the Eastown neighborhood on January 3, 2007. The brick building with flags in the window directly behind the hease is the Camera Center located at the NW corner of Wealthy St. and Norwood Ave. Christmas decorations are still in place above the flags. People can be seen along the sidewalk and also on the roof of the Camera Center. The large dark object in the foreground is a parking meter that has been covered to prohibit parking on the street during the procession.


Full Details

TitleGerald R. Ford Hearse in Eastown
CreatorZoe Ashmead
Location In PhotoGrand Rapids
CollectionAshmead family

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