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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

John VanHammen Returning from WWI

John VanHammen Returning from WWI

VanHammen family - 1919

John VanHammen, on the right, looks out of the train window as do two other soldiers as the train arrives a the Grand Trunk station in Grand Rapids. John was returning from Russia where he was with the combat engineers of the Polar Bear Division. The windows are open and inside shades can be seen. The car appears to be wooden on the lower half, and just below the roof are small windows set in at angles. It is uncertain what the full name of the rail line is as only "& Western" is visible.


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TitleJohn VanHammen Returning from WWI
CreatorVanHammen family

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Location In PhotoGrand Rapids
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