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Combat Engineers, Polar Bear Division, WWI

Combat Engineers, Polar Bear Division, WWI

US Army - 1917

Fifteen men of the Polar Bear Division pose in their barracks at Camp Custer. Only two are identified, Leonard VanHammen, in the back row second from the right, and John C. VanHammen, in the front row at the right, with his arm around the post. The men are in uniform, and three wear hats while two wear caps. You can see puttees on the two men in the first row on the right. The man in the back by the window is holding a hand of cards, and next to him on the wall are some photographs. Jackets hang on hooks at the far left, and just above Leonard VanHammen there seem to be rifle butts.


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TitleCombat Engineers, Polar Bear Division, WWI
CreatorUS Army

Title by cataloger. The combat engineers of the Polar Bear Division fought in Russis during World War I. John VanHammen is the great grandfather of Sarah VanHammen and Leonard is her great great uncle.

Location In PhotoBattle Creek, MI, Camp Custer
CollectionVanHammen family

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