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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Full Treestone View

Full Treestone View

Shirley M. De Boer - October, 2013

The Maybury Family Treestone. The Treestone is 84 inches or 7ft. high, 79 inches or 6.5 ft. at the base and 53 inches or 4.5 ft. around the middle. The uplifted cross is 14.5 in. high and 9 in. wide The potted calla lily sits on a flattened tree stump and trims the right side of the monument. Creeping ivy enhances the Treestone and mushrooms dot the base. The three tree stumps represent children who died young. Maria (Kelsey) Maybury was known to have had at least of six pregnancies.


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TitleFull Treestone View
CreatorShirley M. De Boer
DateOctober, 2013

Though not fully visible, one of the five individual log-form stone markers can be seen in this photo. Only the stone for Mabel, obtained thirty-seven years after the death of her father, is different. Mabel’s marker, though about the size and shape of the others, is rounded and smooth. Her stone is also situated sideways, in a position to indicate that a grave location on the plot was not available for her.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids, Oak Hill Cemetery

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