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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Benny's Game

Benny's Game


In a game developed by the Grand Rapids School for the Deaf, young Benny is playing a guessing game with his classmates. Benny has taken something from the small box on his lap. He knows what it is and the other students have to guess. The winner gets the next turn. The exercise was designed to train children to think quickly and to improve articulation. The child who guessed right got to hold the articles until the game ended. Benny was leading the game when the camera captured this moment.


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TitleBenny's Game

DESCRIPTIVE WORDS ON THE CHALK BOARD: On the farm, On the chair, At noon, In October, Bye and bye, Thursday, Yesterday

PHOTOGRAPH NOTES: In 1899 people had to sit very still for a photograph, if they didn't, heads often appeared very blurry. It also looks like the "flash" reflected too much off from both people's faces so very little definition remains.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids

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