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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

S. Ionia Looking North

S. Ionia Looking North


The street scene depicts various horse-drawn vehicles on South Ionia, the wagon at the left displays 'City Delivery, Express Baggage', and the vehicle looking like a horse-drawn streetcar is the Columbian Transfer Co., Omnibus Line. At the left is the Italianate styled Grand Rapids & Indiana RR office, the Union Depot stood to the left and out of the picture, and on the far right are the offices of the Grand Rapids Engraving Co. with their vertical sign advertising 'Engraving - Book Binding - Printing.' The building sitting diagonally, at center right of the photo, still stands at the southwest corner of Louis and N. Ionia.


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TitleS. Ionia Looking North

The photograph is from an 1896 series titled, Art Work of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Part 1 (of 9 parts) by W. H. Parish Publishing Company.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids MI
CollectionThomas R. Dilley
Locationlocation on map

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