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Grand Rapids in 1856

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War Memorial Monument

War Memorial Monument


The view is from Coit Avenue looking northeast, just off Plainfied, and shows the War Memorial Monument on the occassion of either Memorial Day or 4th of July near the end of World War II. The Old Kent Bank building is on the left, and the monument at center-right. A row of servicemen in uniform stand at the rear of the crowd, and at the far right is a vehicle, which could be a station wagon, with a loud speaker on the roof. The round sign in the background, to the right of the bank, is for the Gulf Station, which was on the SE corner of Plainfield and Quimby, and the building behind the Gulf sign is DeKornes Furniture Store, on the NE is corner of that intersection.


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TitleWar Memorial Monument

As a boy living on Caledonia Street, just around the corner from Hoxies Drug Store, Robert Imhoff remembers attending celebrations honoring Creston Heights veterans during and after the war years. The monument still stands at the corner of Coit and Plainfield.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids MI
CollectionRobert Imhoff

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