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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Plainfield and Coit Avenues

Plainfield and Coit Avenues


The photo looks northwest down Coit. Buildings, etc. from left to right: Hoxies Drug Store, A & P Super Market, the alley that ran west from Coit down to the Grand Trunk railroad tracks between Caledonia and Quimby Street (the alley exited on Quimby), D. & C. Five & Dime Store, Miller's Ice Cream Store, an unidentified store on the corner (later it would be the post office or possibly it was at the time of the photo), Quimby Street, and on the northwest corner a branch of the Grand Rapids Public Library.


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TitlePlainfield and Coit Avenues

Thank you to contributor, Robert Imhoff, for identifying the buildings and businesses.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids MI
CollectionRobert Imhoff

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