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Hose Cart No. 5

Hose Cart No. 5


The 1910 Oldsmobile, the new Hose Company No. 5 machine, stands in front of Engine House No. 5 at the corner of Monroe (Canal) and Leonard St. Several members of the Engine House are sitting in the vehicle, and three members stand at the rear. Another vehicle is visible behind the Hose Cart, possibly an Oldsmobile, but the make is not identified. In the background a shop advertises "Stationery, cigars, and Tobacco" on a sign over the entrance.


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TitleHose Cart No. 5

Thank you to retired Captain Robert Imhoff, of the Grand Rapids Fire Department, for sharing the photo with us. The 1910 Oldsmobile was the first motorized fire apparatus in the Grand Rapids Fire Department.  It originally appeared in the local newspapers around July 5, 1910.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids MI
CollectionRobert Imhoff

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