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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Ward School No. 3, Fountain St.

Ward School No. 3, Fountain St.

Merrill & Bayne - 1880 ca.

The three story brick primary school is partially hidden by trees. A crowd of children gather behind the picket fence that separates the schoolyard from the street and sidewalk. Probably they were curious about the photographer and camera.


Full Details

TitleWard School No. 3, Fountain St.
CreatorMerrill & Bayne
Date1880 ca.

The first Ward School No. 3, a wooden building, was constructed in 1856 on Fountain near the NE corner of Prospect, and in 1868 it was enlarged with an addition. In 1872 a new three-story brick building was constructed, which is the one shown in the photograph. The architect of the 1872 building was William G. Robinson, who designed several 19th century Grand Rapids schools.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids MI
CollectionPrivate Collection

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