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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Pearl St. Looking East

Pearl St. Looking East


The Grand River would have been just behind the photographer. The cross street between the Salvation Army headquarters and the Pantlind Hotel is Campau, and the next intersection moving east is Monroe. The tall building on the right side of Pearl St. at the corner of Monroe (Campau Square) is the McKay Tower, completed in 1928, and formerly the Grand Rapids National Bank Building. The large vertical sign for the Chinese Restaurant on the NE corner of Pearl and Monroe is just visible beyond the Pantlind Hotel. A little farther east another large vertical sign in front of Power's Theater advertises that Consumer's Power is located in the building. In the distance, at the east end of Pearl St. where it ends at N. Division Ave., is St. Mark's Church. Vintage vehicles of the 1920s line both sides of Pearl St. continuously to its end at Division.


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TitlePearl St. Looking East

Title by cataloger. The globed streetlights were installed in 1912. The Bertch Market on the right was formerly located on Monroe.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids MI
CollectionPrivate Collection

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