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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Playing Pool at Chinnick's Pool Hall

Playing Pool at Chinnick's Pool Hall


Ken Kroes, George Godden, and Bill Sefton playing pool. The man in the center is shooting while the other two hold their cues and watch, and the man on the left is smoking a cigarette. Behind them can be seen a coat and hat hanging on the wall as well as a cue rack with one cue.


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TitlePlaying Pool at Chinnick's Pool Hall

Title by cataloger. Chinnick's, a locally famous poolroom located on Pearl St., was really much more than a poolroom. With its restaurant on the first floor, pool tables on the second and bowling on the third, Chinnick's became a favorite haunt of world-class sports stars and visiting celebrities.

Bill Sefton served in D-Day, owned a progressive advertising firm, and raised a large family on Plymouth Ave. across from the Blodgett estate. He attended the D-Day anniversary in 2014.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids
CollectionKroes family

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