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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Ranney Collection Well, Grand Haven

Ranney Collection Well, Grand Haven


Brothers David and William Kowalczyk, in February, 1959, stand in front of the DANGER sign attached to one of the three Ranney Collection Wells in Lake Michigan that were built in 1950-51 and put into production in 1952. They were removed from the Grand Haven Beach in October of 2002 due to the age, condition, and water quality from the three units.


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TitleRanney Collection Well, Grand Haven
FormatPhotograph, 3 X 3 in.

The Ranney Collection Wells, located to the left of the Grand Haven pier, produced good water but became outdated. Sometimes they were in the water and sometimes out all depending on the water level of Lake Michigan. Our thanks to Nancy Holwerda for providing the information about the Collection Wells, which she obtained from Joseph A. VanderStel, Water Facilities Manager, Grand Haven Water Filtration Plant.

Location In PhotoGrand Haven
CollectionPrivate Collection

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