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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Herb Kitchen at the Wayside Garden Club

Herb Kitchen at the Wayside Garden Club


The herb kitchen displays a hutch at the left displayed labeled canned goods in Mason jars. A straight-backed chair with a woven seat is to the right of the hutch. Herbs in pots rest on shelves in the window that is bordered by checked curtains. Beneath the window a wide basin sits on a low bench between two pots of herbs. The edge of a table with a checkered cloth can be seen at the right. Other potted plants are placed about the room.


Full Details

TitleHerb Kitchen at the Wayside Garden Club

Title by cataloger. The original herb kitchen started by Mary Hefferan for the Wayside Garden Club.

Location In PhotoCoopersville
CollectionCoopersville Historical Society
InstitutionCoopersville Historical Society
Physical Storage LocationCoopersville

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