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Norris/Johnson Wedding Party

Norris/Johnson Wedding Party

Van Norris - 2002

The wedding party at the June 2002 wedding of Ora Lean Norris and Harvey Johnson. Left to right; Isaiah Norris, brother of the bride who gave her away; Amanda Josephine Cunningham, sister of the bride and bridesmaid; Mark Weaver, grandson of bride; Ora Lean Norris Johnson, the bride; Harvey Johnson, the groom.


Full Details

TitleNorris/Johnson Wedding Party
CreatorVan Norris
FormatPhotograph, 4 X 6 in.

Title by cataloger. Harvey Johnson and Ora Lean Norris were neighbors in Gulfport, Mississippi. Forty-seven years later Harvey and Ora Lean met again through a chance phone call and were married in June of 2002 in Grand Raids, Michigan.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids, MI
CollectionHarvey and Ora Lean Johnson

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