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High School Prom

High School Prom


Ora Lean Norris and Harvey Johnson pose for their high school prom. Ora Lean wears a strapless, ankle-length formal of tulle--typical of the 1950s--with white high heel shoes. Harvey Johnson wears a white dinner jacket with dark trousers, a bow tie, and a carnation boutonniere.


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TitleHigh School Prom
FormatPhotograph, 8 X 10 in.

Title by cataloger. Prom at the 33rd Ave. High School in Gulfport, Mississippi which had about eighty students in the graduation class. Harvey Johnson and Ora Lean Norris were neighbors and Harvey's mother is listed as midwife on Ora Lean's birth certificate. Forty-seven years later Harvey and Ora Lean met again through a chance phone call and were married in June of 2002 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Scanned at the Black History Month Celebration, Feb. 18, 2007, at the Grand Rapids Public Library

Location In PhotoGulfport, Mississippi
CollectionHarvery and Ora Lean Johnson

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