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Bremer/Landauer Wedding Photo

Bremer/Landauer Wedding Photo

Warren Wykes - 1877

A studio portrait of a bride and groom, probably Bertha Bremer and Theodore F. Landauer. The woman is standing to the man’s right wearing a ruffled wedding dress and a decorative headpiece with veil. She appears to have a cross on a heavy cord around her neck. The man is seated on a straight-backed chair with fringe around the bottom. He is wearing a tailcoat with flowers in the lapel.


Full Details

TitleBremer/Landauer Wedding Photo
CreatorWarren Wykes
FormatCarte de Visite (CDV), 4x2 in.

Title by cataloger.
Printed on back: Warren Wykes Photographic Gallery of Art, opp. Rathbun House, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Bertha Bremer was one of the twelve children of Francis and Mary (Wurzler) Bremer. Theodore F. Landauer was the son of Johann Gottfried Landauer and Wilhemina (Fehrlen) Landauer.
They were married in May of 1877.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids, MI
CollectionPrivate Collection

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