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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Grand Rapids Greys

Grand Rapids Greys


Left to right; John Mann, Thomas Mitchell, Charles Kendall, Joseph Herkner of the Grand Rapids Greys pose in their uniforms.


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TitleGrand Rapids Greys
FormatPhotograph 8 X 6 in.

Title by cataloger. Photo appears to have been taken at the same time and in the same studio as the individual photograph of Herkner. Baxter's history of the city lists the members: Captain J. C. Herkner; First Lieut., H.M. Moore; Second Lieut., W.H. Martin. First Serg., D.H. Powers; Second, G. Stevenson; Third, Frank Lyon; Fourth, Silas Pierce. Corporals-C. F. Kendall, C.H. Deane, F. Reynolds, T. Mitchell. Privates- J. Mann, S. W. Baxter, H. H. Chipman, M. M. Moore, C. T. Stoner, G. C. Pierce, E. D. Harvey, Fred B. Perkins, C. B. Carpenter, O. Budington, M G. Huntly, J. D. Utley, W. L. Wilbur, F. R. Rose, C. W. Calkins, F. Burr, A. D. Rathbone, W. D. Smith, Wm. S. Hovey, A. F. Armstrong, Albert Henry, Levi Chase, L.H. Rindge, Ed. Ringuette, John Stewart, Porter Sinclair, John Burr, Tileston A. Comstock, D. C. Southwick, Salem Chapin, E. E. Winsor, Wm. H. McNeil, J. Coats. Several members later enlisted in the regular service, including Herkner who joined the First Regiment Michigan Engineers and Mechanics.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids, MI
Collection54-44-2 Photo Collection, GR History and Special Collections

Reproduction and copyright information regarding this image is available from Grand Rapids History & Special Collections, Archives, Grand Rapids Public Library, Grand Rapids, MI

InstitutionGrand Rapids Public Library
Physical Storage LocationGrand Rapids Public Library, Main Branch

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