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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Pearl St. near Monroe

Pearl St. near Monroe

Schuyler C. Baldwin - 1872

Looking west down Pearl Street toward the Pearl St. Bridge. The large building near the bridge, on the NW corner of Monroe, is Sweet's Hotel. The building on the NE corner of Pearl and Monroe is the Lovett Block. Closest to the right edge, bearing the sign Museum, was Crane's Museum. Between the Museum and the Lovett Block is the California Wine House at street level with the office of the Daily Times on the second floor. East of the Museum was the Arcade Building.


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TitlePearl St. near Monroe
CreatorSchuyler C. Baldwin

From a collection of photographs depicting early Grand Rapids, previously owned by Charles E. Belknap, author of "The Yesterdays of Grand Rapids" and longtime resident of the city.
The photograph was taken before 1873 when Monroe St. was widened by removing the jog that created problems moving from Monroe to Canal St. A corner of the sign on the Auction House visible at the left is one of several buildings that were removed in 1873.
In 1874 the collection of Prof. Elliott H. Crane, the proprietor of the Museum on Pearl St., was purchased by the Kent Scientific Institute. The California Wine House, operated by Daniel Perry, also sold English Ale and porter as well as Champagne and other wines.

Location In PhotoGrand Haven
CollectionThomas R. Dilley

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