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WWII U.S. Army Corp Nurses Washing Their Hair

WWII U.S. Army Corp Nurses Washing Their Hair


Three young women dressed in military pants and t-shirts kneeling on the ground outside of a tent. Two are in the process of washing their hair using their helmets as wash tubs. The third has her hands inside a helmet filled with water and it appears she is washing something. There are several buckets, an empty helmet and several pieces of clothing around the women. A pitched tent is in the background.


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TitleWWII U.S. Army Corp Nurses Washing Their Hair

Title by cataloger. This photograph is from the collection fo U.S. Army nurse Joy Lillie but there is no information which states if she is one of the three in the photo. Additonal information that came witrh the photo stated that "Joy went for 30 days without taking a bath when she first arrived."

CollectionPrivate Collection

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