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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Rose Bremer

Rose Bremer

Wood - 1878

Rose Bremer stands on a tapestry-covered stool to allow her to rest her arm on a chair with fringe at the bottom and covered with a bordered drape. She wears a dress typical for a young child of the time with a colored sash tied above the waistline. Her pantelettes are visible just beneath the hem of her short dress. She wears long stockings and laced boots that may be leather with fabric. Her long hair is held away from her face by a ribbon.


Full Details

TitleRose Bremer
FormatCarte de Visite 4 X 2/12 in.

Title by cataloger. Printed on the back; Woods' Photographic Gallery, Odd Fellows Building, Marysville, Cal., 1878. Rose was the daughter of Augustus G. Bremer of Grand Rapids who migrated to California. Augustus, born in 1849, was the first child of Francis Bremer. The carte de visite was sent home to Grand Rapids to family members.

Location In PhotoMarysville, California
CollectionPrivate collection

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