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American Agri-Women in WKAR TV Studio

American Agri-Women in WKAR TV Studio


Three women of the AAW organization are in the WKAR TV studio promoting apples during following the fall harvest. Signposts at the left read from top to bottom: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Battle Creek, and Kalamazoo. A jack-o-lantern sits on top of a large barrel and a box of apples sits on one of two smaller barrels. One of the women is handing an apple to one of the station's employees. A television camera with the station's call letters is at the right.


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TitleAmerican Agri-Women in WKAR TV Studio

Title by cataloger. American Agri-Women, a national coalition of farm women and farm women's organizations, was founded in 1974. WKAR was the PBS station at Michigan State University,

Location In PhotoEast Lansing MI
CollectionPrivate Collection

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