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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Simply Salvage, ArtPrize 2010

Simply Salvage, ArtPrize 2010

GRHC - 2010

The sailboat masts that form the supports for the awning/sail are easily seen at the front of the building, and the sail is folded back against the house. The colors of the red and green roof are subdued in the early evening light. Steps lead up to the porch where a rocking chair sits at the right of the front door. Large commercial buildings can be seen at the left as well as a portion of a wrought iron fence and some garden foliage.


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TitleSimply Salvage, ArtPrize 2010

'10 Simply Salvage, a building constructed by Brent Ahmicasaube, was an ArtPrize 2010 entry using ninety per-cent salvaged materials.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids, MI

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