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Skory Home, Trzemeszno

Skory Home, Trzemeszno

Maciej Adamski - 2010

The Skory family lived in either the yellow one on the left or the one on the right. The small bank rising from the tree-lined road is paved with cobblestones with a break for steps in front of the doors.


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TitleSkory Home, Trzemeszno
CreatorMaciej Adamski

Trzemeszno records show the houses were built in 1800 and 1840, at 26 and 28 Koscuiszko St. Very typical in style of that time period, they still exist and are occupied. It is highly probably that Fr. Casimir Skory was born in one of these houses. His parents were Casimirus Skory, a shoemaker, and Theresia Rejmann who were married in 1845 according to the Poznan Project marriage records. After Skory's death Theresia married Michael Kowalski in 1867.

Location In PhotoTrzemeszno, Poland
CollectionPrivate Collection

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