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Valeria Lipczynski

Valeria Lipczynski

1927 ca

Valeria Lipczynski wears three of her many honors, including the Polish Golden Service Cross, pinned to her elegantly simple dark dress as she sits, resting her arm on the arm of a carved bench.


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TitleValeria Lipczynski
Date1927 ca

Waleria Lipczynski is often listed with this Polish spelling of her name, especially in early census records and newspaper stories. In August of 1927, because of her altruistic services to the immigrant, the new Polish Commonwealth decorated Valeria Lipczynski with the coveted Polish Golden Service Cross at the public ceremony attended by city and church leaders. Possibly this photograph was taken on that occasion.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids, MI
Collection#185-3-6, History & Special Collections

Reproduction and copyright information regarding this image is available from Grand Rapids History & Special Collections, Archives, Grand Rapids Public Library, Grand Rapids, MI

InstitutionGrand Rapids Public Library
Physical Storage LocationGrand Rapids, MI

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