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Grand Rapids in 1856

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The Zandstra Farm

The Zandstra Farm


The seventy-seven acres, at Allen (now 36th St) and Buchanan, purchased by General Motors for the construction of the Grand Rapids Metal Stamping Plant had earlier been farmed by the Zandstra Family who rented the land. Shown here with two of their horses and a dog the family members are, from left to right: son - Cornelius Zandstra, b. 1898 in Grand Rapids, MI; mother - Anna Sikkens/Zandstra (wife of George) b. 1853 in Netherlands, married in 1876 in Netherlands; father - George (Sjoerd) Zandstra b. 1852 in Netherlands; daughter -  Dora Zandstra, b. 1893 in Grand Rapids, MI.


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TitleThe Zandstra Farm

Title by cataloger. At the time of the purchase the land was owned by Mrs. Benjamin Hanchett, widow of the president of the Grand Rapids Street Railway. The price was $25,000.

Thank you to Caroline Shearer for correcting the identification of family members and providing their birth dates.

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