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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

The First Huff School

The First Huff School


Several children play in front of the school while four women in long dresses wearing hats look on--one in the doorway, one under the window on the right, and two more near the right edge of the building. A bicycle leans against the fence in the lower left center. At the left of the photo in the distance a few tombstones can just be seen in an area that would eventually become Fairplains Cemetery.


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TitleThe First Huff School

Title by cataloger. Written on the scrapbook page: The first Huff School. It is unknown when Knapp School became Huff School since the scrapbook only refers to it as Huff School. Cemetery information provided by Barbara VanderMark

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids, MI

Reproduction and copyright information regarding this image is available from Community Archives and Research Center (CARC), Grand Rapids, MI.

InstitutionCommunity Archives and Research Center (CARC)
Physical Storage LocationGrand Rapids, MI

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