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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Joseph A. Kozak with Group of Men

Joseph A. Kozak with Group of Men

Camera Shop - 1930s

First ward city commissioner, Joseph A. Kozak, seated directly below the Sandwiches & Soups sign, is the only person identified in the large group of men seated for dinner in a restaurant. One man at the front holds what appears to be an oilcan and has a basket of flowers. Those behind him at the table are seated on a bench while others sit in chairs. Several signs on the wall advertise drinks and food, and a bartender is visible through the arch at the far right and behind the bar. Over his head hang a deer trophy. Hats and coats hang on hooks along the wall below the signs.


Full Details

TitleJoseph A. Kozak with Group of Men
CreatorCamera Shop

Photograph was donated by Diane K. Schwarz, granddaughter of Joseph Kozak. The date of the photo is identified as the 1930s because signs for liquor on the wall indicate it is after 1933 when prohibition ended and two of the men are wearing spats which were in fashion about that time. Some damage to the photo, possibly from a wet glass or bottle, can be seen in the upper right corner.
If anyone can identify the restaurant or others in the photograph please email us at our Contact Page.

Location In PhotoGrand Rapids, MI

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