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Dedication of the Kent Co. Court House, page 3
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Dedication of the Kent Co. Court House, page 3


Page three lists those serving on committes that include Judges, City Officials and Township Representatives: E. B. Fisher; F. H. Gill; S. T. Colson; C. E. Perkins; A. W. Weekes; W. E. Grove; M. J. Ulrich; C. L. Harvey; J. W. Walker; John Benjamin; George W. Parker; W. E. Grove; A. C. Adsit; Birney Hoyt; M. C. Burch; W. J. Stuart; C. E. Perkins; J. W. Champlin; E. F. Uhl; R. M. Montgomery; T. D. Gilbert; W. F. McKnight; M. J. Smiley; Chas. D. Stebbins; John McQueen; C. L. Harvey; A. L. Skinner; John Headly; L. E. Paige; James Hill; Wm. H. Meyers; Benj. E. Lee; H. H. Havens; Oliver I. Watkins; David Walker; H. O. Braman; Myron A. Potter; James Ward; Joseph Holben; Fred L. Hodges; L. C. Warner; John M. Mathewson; Conner H. Smith; Chas. H. Carlyle; Nelson Kelly; L. M. Sellers; John Porter; Avonly E. Roberts; John Steketee; Hendrikus Leppink; A. J. Stebbins; S. L. Baldwin; J. A. Smitts; J. Fehsenfeld; W. F. O'Leary; H. O. Schermerhorn; Geo E. Coggeshall; A. Lindemulder; ASA W. Meech; Freeman Lathrop; Walter H. Hughes; David Lankester; Everett D. Comstock; Henry Mitchell; Simon Sullivan;


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TitleDedication of the Kent Co. Court House, page 3
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