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Women on School Boards (2)
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Women on School Boards (2)


An article from the Woman's Journal: Boston, Saturday, September 16, 1899 not only lists the newly elected members of the Grand Rapids School Board, but gives biographical background and accomplishments of Josephine Ahnefeldt Goss, Mrs. William Blake, and Mrs. Frances B. Turner.


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TitleWomen on School Boards (2)
FormatNewspaper clipping.

Title by Cataloger. From the scrapbook of Mrs. William (Alde Louise Tuck) Blake. See Women on School Boards (1) and (3) in Related Items for other reports of the school board election. Harriet Cook was the first woman elected to the school board in 1888, not Mrs. P. M. (Lydia) Goodrich mentioned in the article, who was actually the second woman elected. Perhaps the error occured as she was the first president of the West Side Ladies Literary Society in 1875, and Frances Belle Turner, mentioned above, was its fourth president.

CollectionKutsche Family

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