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Women on School Boards (1)
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Women on School Boards (1)


Sept. 10, 1899, GR Herald headline and photographs of three women elected to the Grand Rapids School Board; Mrs. Josephine Ahnefeldt Goss, Mrs. William F. (Alde Tuck) Blake, and Mrs. Frances B. Turner. The photograph of Mrs. Goss was taken by Sharpsteen and that of Mrs. Blake by Hamilton. A handwritten notation references an article in the Woman's Journal which can be viewed as number 2 in this series


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TitleWomen on School Boards (1)
FormatNewspaper clipping.

Title by Grand Rapids Herald. From the scrapbook of Mrs. William (Alde Louise Tuck) Blake. See Women on School Boards (2) and (3) in Related Items for other reports of the school board election.
Samuel Sharpsteen and Mrs. Emma J. Hamilton were the photographers noted.

CollectionKutsche Family

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