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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

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Father Dennis Morrow

The history of Capen.doc
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The first column is the address. Second column is the date (beginning with November 11, 1960) on which a demolition permit was issued by the city. Third column is the demolition permit number. Fourth column is the person or firm which took out the permit.

If the data is in italics it means that there is no known photograph of this building. Location of photos is not always provided in the document, but most can be found in one of the collections in the Local History Collections of the Grand Rapids Public Library.

If you know of or have a photo of a building, whether commercial or residential, of which we do not have a photo, we will be delighted to copy it and return it to you. Contact the Local History Collections, (616) 988-5402 ext. 5497.


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CreatorFather Dennis Morrow
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