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Bertha Brazelton Registration Card, front
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Bertha Brazelton Registration Card, front

Woman's Committee - 1918

Miss Bertha Brazelton's information on the Woman's Committee of Council of National Defense indicates that she is African-American, however the card uses the term "colored" which was in common usage at the time. Miss Brazelton lists her minister as a reference as did many women. Her education level of eighth grade was quite common for 1918.


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TitleBertha Brazelton Registration Card, front
CreatorWoman's Committee
FormatRegistration card 5 X 8 in.

Title by cataloger. With the card collection is a copy of the Registrar's Manual that outlines the coding key for the areas of interest, and describes the way the interviews were to be conducted. For more information view the Photo Essay on the Woman's Committee under Service.

CollectionColl. 174, Grand Rapids History and Special Collections

Reproduction and copyright information regarding this image is available from Grand Rapids History & Special Collections, Archives, Grand Rapids Public Library, Grand Rapids, MI

InstitutionGrand Rapids Public Library

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