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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Coit Drawing #4
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Coit Drawing #4

Daniel Wadsworth Coit - 1823-1828

A drawing, with indications of some watercolor in the sky, of Lima, Peru features a paved plaza surrounded by a building with large arches at street level and smaller arches on the second level. A group of men are seated in the plaza at the left.


Full Details

TitleCoit Drawing #4
CreatorDaniel Wadsworth Coit

Title by cataloger. Daniel W. Coit made many sketches during his travels in S. America, Mexico, California, and Europe, all prior to his visit to Grand Rapids in 1833. Coit was in Lima, Peru from 1819-1820, and again from 1823-1828. Many of the drawings in our online collection are dated from the second time period.

CollectionCoit Family

The drawings are the property of Coit family members and may not be reproduced in any form, print or digital, without permission.

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