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Studio 28

On site of old Beltline Drive-In, opened by Jack Loeks in December, 1965, as a single-screen theater. Expansions took place in 1967, 1976, 1984, and 1988. Boasting 20 screens, it was from May, 1988, until May, 1995, the largest movie theater in the United States. Dethroned by the AMC Grand, a 24-screen theater in Dallas, Studio 28 still had more square footage (120,000 including the lobbies) and more seats (6,000 total compared with the AMC Grand's 5,000). With 400 employees in 1998, Studio 28 was one of 13 theaters operated by Jack Loeks theatres in Michigan. www.bigscreenmovies.com.

Full Details

TitleStudio 28
Address1350 28th ST SW Wyoming MI 49509. 530-7469 538-5820
CreatorFather Dennis Morrow

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