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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Star Grand Rapids

Built in 1988, this 18-screen theater was owned and operated by Jim Loeks and Barrie Loeks. Executive offices of Star theatres are at 3020 CHARLEVOIX DR SE GRAND RAPIDS MI 49546. 940-0866 FAX 940-0046. 1997 revenue $7.7 million. 114 employees in 1998. It is now part of the Loews Theater Chain. The Grand Rapids Business Journal of June 17, 2002, noted that “Star Grand Rapids theatre” was an assumed name filed by James Dingle. www.startheatres.com.

Full Details

TitleStar Grand Rapids
Address3000 Alpine AVE NW Walker MI 49544. 785-9200
CreatorFather Dennis Morrow

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