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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Built in 1909 as part of the Davis-Churchill Circuit (lessees and managers), it was originally known as the Temple, at 78 Market N.W. (1909-11), then the Columbia (1912-18), then the Temple again (1919-29), and finally renamed the Savoy in 1930. Terrel M. Sharp was the film operator in 1937-38. Operated for many years by Emmett Goodrich, and then by Goodrich and William Murray, it was still open in 1975, and by then owned by Robert Goodrich. In its final years, owners had taken to showing the 1970's “Blaxploitation” films, and finally split the auditorium into two smaller XXX-rated theaters. The Savoy was torn down in June, 1980, for additional downtown parking. (Old # 68-72.)

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Address80 / 78-82 Market AVE NW 49503. 8-4180 (1945)
CreatorFather Dennis Morrow
Also Known AsColumbia

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