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The Our Theater was built in 1928 by Herbert Boshoven, Sr. It featured carpeting, aisle lights, a domed ceiling, and 725 upholstered seats, along with six offices and two stores, with a basement. It was a completely new concept for a neighborhood theater. Situated on a lot 85.5' x 100', the depth of the property did not allow the theater to be positioned in the usual way. Instead, patrons entered on Leonard, went up several stairs and down a corridor, where they turned to the right to enter the auditorium, which faced east and stretched all the way to McReynolds Avenue. (This was an arrangement similar to that at the Majestic and at the Midtown downtown.) The theater was air conditioned, and had both concrete and wooden floors. The hot water heating system was fueled by gas. Willer & Boshoven, Inc., sold the theater to the Grand Rapids Civic theatre on March 4, 1964. The Civic theatre reduced the seating to 450, adapting the auditorium for stage plays. The building was sold to Hyatt Productions on April 25, 1979, and is now used for commercial photography. The Our Theater's pipe organ was installed when the theater was built in 1928. It was made by the Page Company in Lima, OH. When the theater closed, David Kalmbach bought the organ and had it installed in a theater he owned in Marietta, PA. (GRP 03/11/2001 J4.)

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Address737 Leonard ST NW 49504. 7-2172 (1945), 742-3216 (10/31/1963)
CreatorFather Dennis Morrow
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