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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Built in 1923-24, this 2-story brick and cement white brick theater was owned by the Willer-Boshoven chain. When first listed for sale for $30,000 in 1956, the assessed valuation was only $14,000. It was on a lot 44.71' x 116', and occupied the entire lot of 5,220 square feet. Heated by coal with an Iron Fireman coal stoker, it had a flat tar and gravel roof. There were two toilet / lavatory facilities. The last feature films were shown in 1956, with the theater open only the last four days of each week. The theater was used briefly for “specialty” films in late 1956, and was converted to a roller rink with fine level hardwood floors in 1957-58. It was sold in late 1959 and used for over ten years as a warehouse for the storage of foam rubber products. It was completely abandoned after about 1970, and finally demolished in July, 1990.

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Address1231 Madison AVE SE 49507. 3-0021 (1945)
CreatorFather Dennis Morrow

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