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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...


Formerly the Family theatre, a Boshoven-Busic theater owned by Herbert Boshoven, Jr., and Joseph Busic. The seating capacity as of 1941 was 530. Brick theater. 1956 owner Joe Busic and Boshoven theatres, Inc. Later operated by Howard T. Reynolds. Lot size 50.15 x 110. Land: 8,600 square feet. Oil heat, 2 forced air furnaces. Tar & gravel roof. Assessed valuation $12,800, asking $69,000. By the early 1960's, it had become the Cinema, known for showing “adult” movies.

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Address345 Michigan ST NE 49503. 9-1787 (1945)
CreatorFather Dennis Morrow
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