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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Built as the Isis in 1915, and remained known as such until 1937. Seating as of February 7, 1934, was 937. This was a Butterfield theater, and under the management of J.W. and H.L. Goodspeed it was known as the Isis Theater Co. Manager of the Center Theater in 1948 was Jack K. McCarthy of East Grand Rapids. By 1955, McCarthy had moved on to manage the Majestic, and John A. Otterbacher had closed the Kent and was managing the Center. 1959 owner was Goodspeed Real Estate Co., 6 Federal Square Bldg. 49503. Brick theater on 42' x 100' lot, Lot 119, Kent Plat. Assessed valuation $34,700. 847 seats. Coal stoker furnace. The Center became the first actual theater home of the Civic Theater about 1960. Cf. “New Life Ahead for Old Theater,” GRP photo 01/01/1960 28, which relates that the building is about to be converted into the Civic Theater. The theater and the old Central Hotel at 238 Monroe N.W. were the only two buildings left standing on the block when they, too, were finally demolished for urban renewal in August, 1964.

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Address240-42 Monroe AVE NW 49503. 8-8115 (1945)
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