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Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids-North

This 18-screen theater was originally planned to be built in December of 1998 on the East Beltline, across Knapp Street from the Knapp's Corner Meijer store. It was to be the latest development of Jack Loeks theatres' Celebration! Cinema that recently opened in Lansing and in Benton Harbor. The project was delayed, and a formal announcement of the plans was scheduled for November 14, 2000. (Cf. Garrison Wells, “Screen Squeeze,” GRP 10/22/2000 B1 & 10.) The theater opened on November 16, 2001. It includes the IMAX large-screen theater. (www.bigscreenmovies.com)

Full Details

TitleCelebration! Cinema Grand Rapids-North
Address2121 Celebration DR NE 49525
CreatorFather Dennis Morrow

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