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Grand Rapids Romance

Grand Rapids Romance

GRHC - December 9th, 2013

Grand Rapids Romance, produced by Gilligham & Smith Enterprises, owners of the Orpheum Theater, featured local citizens in a suspenseful, romantic story. The newspaper reviews were mixed.


A capacity audience viewed the film, Grand Rapids Romance, featuring local players, at the Orpheum Theater in late August of 1916. The story revolved around Leonard, a poor boy, penniless and unemployed, played by Howard Brink. He makes an impression on Mr. Atherton, played by Judge Dunham, and Polly, Atherton’s daughter, when he returns her lost purse. His good deed leads to a position in Atherton’s factory.

Excitement and suspense occur when two fired factory-hands plot to blow up Mr. Atherton’s home. Leonard overhears their plans, saves the day, and as you might expect, marries Polly at the end of the film. The wedding scene was filmed at First Methodist Episcopal Church at the corner of Fulton and Barclay.

The Herald spent more ink on the plot, while the Press reported the following review of the cast. “Brink, in the role of Leonard, seemed to be burdened with too much camera consciousness while others in the cast also showed this common fault of amateurs. Miss Marguerite Eifert, in the leading role of Polly, screens well and played the part with much animation and expression. The love scenes were received with gales of laughter and appreciative applause.”

Gilligham & Smith Enterprises, owners of the Orpheum and other local theaters, produced the film. Grand Rapids Romance played for eight days and was most interesting to the friends of those who appeared in the picture.

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