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Hoffman Apartments

Hoffman Apartments

GRHC - December 2nd, 2013

The Hoffman apartments on Ransom NE had many modern conveniences to attract upscale tenants. The seven room suites made for comfortable living close to downtown.


Few Grand Rapids apartment buildings over the age of 100 years are still occupied by tenants. The Hoffman Apartments at 68 Ransom NE, were built in 1905 at a cost of $30,000.

The seven-story building of brick and stone construction was as near fireproof as modern engineering could make it. Wherever possible wood was eliminated and iron, concrete and tile were used. Construction was what was known as the “reinforced concrete system.” The walls and floors were made of three-inch square tile laid in concrete.

Interior woodwork was made from quarter-sawn-oak, the hall woodwork from solid mahogany, and the entrance doors of mahogany veneer, which gave a rich effect to each apartment. Tenants could select the shade of paint they desired for each room.

Every one of the twelve suites had seven rooms: a library, living room, dining room, pantry, kitchen, three bedrooms, a bathroom and five closets. Each apartment was heated with steam and supplied with a Garland Gas range and a refrigerator. An automatic telephone connected with the building entrance as well as with the janitor in the basement. An Otis automatic elevator, always ready, dispensed with the need for an elevator boy, so tenants could come and go as they pleased any time, day or night. During its prime The Hoffman was considered one of the finest apartment houses in the city.



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