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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Grand Rapids Newspapers - 1892

Daily Newspapers

Evening Leader (Ind.) Wm. B. Weston propr, 95 Pearl. Daily $5 per annum: weekly issued Wednesday, $1 per annum. (The Evening Leader and Morning Press, purchased by G. G. Booth in 1892, were combined to create the Evening Press, its name changed to the Grand Rapids Press in 1913.)

Grand Rapids Democrat (Dem). I. M. Weston Propr. John J. Belknap mngr., 87-93 Pearl. Daily $5 per annum; weekly issued Thursday $1 per annum; daily and Sunday, $6.50. Sunday’s edition $1.50.

Grand Rapids Eagle (Rep). Established 1844. The A.B. Turner Co. props.. Eagle Bldg. 49 Lyon. Daily $5.20 per annum, weekly issued Thursday $1 per annum; daily and Sunday $6.50; Sunday’s Eagle $2 per annum.

The Morning Press (Ind). The Press Publishing Co. pubs, 63 Pearl. Daily and Sunday $3 per annum or 25cts per month.

The Grand Rapids Herald, (Rep). Telegram Publishing Co. Props. 18 Pearl. Daily, weekly and Sunday. Daily $6 per annum; Sunday $2 per annum; weekly $1 per annum

Weekly Newspapers

Der Sonntagsbote (German)

Der Standaard (Dem Holland) semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday

Detroit Sun

Germania (German)

Michigan Catholic

Michigan Dailyman

Michigan Journal

Michigan Tradesman

Saturday Night

Suburban Herald

South End News

Vrijheids Ranier (Rep Holland)

The Review

The Weekly Echo (Rep)

West Side News (Ind)

The Workman

Zondagablad (Holland)

Monthly Newspapers 

The American Cheese Maker. The Tradesman Co. proprs.

Church Record

Dollars and Sense (G.A.R.)

The Educator, semi-monthly, at Western Michigan College

Hearth and Hall

Michigan Artisan

Muntra Pelle (Swedish)

Pastor’s Aid (Protestant Episcopal) St. Mark’s Church

Stemmen uit de Vrije (Liberal Holland)

The Way of Truth


Excerpted from 1892 Grand Rapids City Directory

Posted August 21, 1914



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